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I   N   V   E   S   T   M   E   N   T

All options include a Facebook file for you to display digitally

Prices include the cost* of prints

Occasion Cards

Starting at $5 - please visit "Occasion Cards" for full pricing options

Folded/Single Sided Fully customizable cards with a whimsical hand-drawn feel are my focus now. Semi-Custom single sided templates are available for holidays. Paper Valentine's for giving out to classmates/daycare also available.

* Prices include the cost of printing and envelopes

Full payment required before files are sent to printing

Themed Specials - Discounted Semi-Custom Work

These specials give you 40% off regular custom composites; however, these are semi-custom as there are a variety of pre-made themed background scenes to choose from. No substitutions of backgrounds with something custom made. Subject from your photo is placed in the scene.

Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas are all included in this. 

I will have a notice on the main page, and on my Facebook page SM Digital Artistry, notifying of Themed Specials..  

Digital files will be delivered via e-mail, prints will be available for pick up in Prince George in the bowl area

* Price includes cost of a 4x6 or 5x7 or square prints up to 8x8 print on regular paper** 

* Full payment required before file is sent for printing

** If you want larger prints this additional cost will be passed along to buyer - price is what London Drugs charges.

Custom Composites

For people who want to a unique personal art piece to display in their homes and digitally. These composites take your subject and put them in a new scene. Let me know what size of print you are going to display (for example up to 8x12+, 12x12, 24X24, 16x24 and up), and I will make sure I work on that canvas size. A Facebook file will also be provided so you can share it online. 

If the size you want will not work with the quality of the supplied photo I will recommend a more suitable size so you can decide if you want to go ahead. I will be in regular communication with you to ensure you are happy with the way the composite is being created. The price includes access to adobe stock for a very customized picture.

Files will be delivered via Google Drive. Prints can be picked up in Prince George in the bowl area.

* Price Includes the price of the print up to 8x12 or 12x12 square prints on regular paper

* Additional cost associated with oversize prints or specialty paper will be passed along to buyer - I use London Drugs for printing

$30 deposit required before work starts

Full Payment required before prints are ordered

Photo Retouching

Do you have a photo that turned out way too dark? Way too bright? Need something removed? I can also do skin touch-ups, change the colour of clothing, enhance winter photos.....the list is really quite extensive. Edits will start at $10, and you will need to contact me to discuss what needs to be done. Edited files will be delivered back to you via e-mail (or larger files on Google Drive)

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