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That's expensive, can I pay you less?

No, and no again. These pieces take hours to create and my time is worth more than I actually charge. It is a labor of love, and I am charging the absolute bare minimum of what my work entails. If I charged an hourly rate it would be "too expensive" for sure. Please don't be insulting and asking for discounts. Wait until a themed special if you would like to save money.

Why do you do this?

Professional photos are amazing, beautiful, and truly masterpieces; however, not everyone can afford to have them. I offer an alternative way of having conversation starting pieces of art.

Do you take the posed pictures?

No (but sometimes yes), I am unique in that I do not need to be the photographer. I use photos you have already taken on your camera or phone and edit the subjects into a new scene. For Prince George, BC locals I can take the posed photo with my equipment on a case by case basis. The better the quality of the "subject" photo the more flexibility I have in creating

Who prints the art?

I now include the cost of small prints and cards with envelopes in my orders. Specialty paper and oversized prints have an additional charge. See investment page for what is included. 

What editing program do you use?

I use a variety of programs in Adobe Creative Cloud as it is constantly being updated, so I am always using the latest releases. My main program is Photoshop and Lightroom

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